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                 These stylish lofts at City Place Lofts, give you a modern living experience with a professional workspace impression. It exemplifies our passion for making each customer walking through the door feel at home while still feeling like a customer. This three level studio gives you lots of space to pamper up and shop in. You get the luxury of feeling the Santa Ana breeze flowing in from the second level garage glass door opening, as you look out the balcony to overlook the shops and peaceful surroundings. Adjacent to City Place, you’ll find shopping, restaurants, natural grocers, and a mall just minutes away all in walking distance. Absolutely a place you can spend your whole day at without using a car.

deBoudoir, LLC.
161 East City Place Drive,
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (866) 892-6331

Frequently Asked Questions: How Many Images Will I Have To Choose From ?

                   Many images are captured during your session. Afterwards, each image is put through a careful selection process. You will see only the images that meet our standards. Images that do not meet these standards are removed permanently during the selection process. 

                    We spend a great deal of time after your session in our digital darkroom, perfecting your imagesin fact it is not uncommon that our professional editing staff will spend between four to six hours on each gallery, preparing only gorgeous images to show you. When you return for your one hour, post shoot consultation (approximately 48 hours from your shoot date), you will work with our consultation specialist and she will guide you through approximately 100 fully edited images. It is at this appointment that you will purchase your beautiful images.

                   We are happy to work with our customers on payment plans on our larger digital packages and she will discuss for you the details at the time of your consultation. We do delete your images following this session for two reasons, the privacy of our customers is very important to everyone at deBoudoir. We take 100,000’s of sensitive each month and retaining the images is a huge responsibility. We have found the best approach is to delete the images once the consultation is over and the images have been viewed, purchased and delivered.  If you are on a payment plan, we do safely store the images on an external hard drive in a vault for safe keeping. Read more about FAQ