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  • Red lipstick is a MUST for VPUG sessions. Even if outside of your comfort zone, red lips even with limited costuming can make for a great PUG shoot.
  • Exaggerated eyes and lips are very important to the overall look.
  • Smokey Eye
  • Heavy Mascara and Eyeliner
  • Pale Skin, accentuated lips and eyes
  • Most of the Make-up applications you see in the photographs featured on this site were provided by a Palace deBoudoir make-up artist who really knows her PUG stuff.
  • Boudoir make-up is applied in a dramatic fashion but different from PUG make-up.
  • Palace deBoudoir does most of the make for the shoots that come to the studio. Make-up is $75
  • Hair is optional at $75
  • Hair & Make-up Application can both be provided for $130

If you want us to apply your personal hair extensions (natural hair only) it is an additional $25 for the extra time needed to make the hair look natural.